Bureaucracy! Ooh nooo!

There is nothing in the world I hate more than bureaucracy. The past two weeks I have been dealing with it to get my stuff done before I go to Asia for eight months. You end up paying fees for things that aren’t included in the 40% tax taken from your monthly income and depending if the gov office is in a city or in a village, you end up getting treated like shit for simply just being forced to do errands to avoid having the police standing at you door one day for not following a law or regulation that has nothing to do anymore with a safe society. Serving the people my ass. How about getting rid of regulations that make things harder and unnecessary federal divisions? It would mean getting rid of debt would be more likely and at a tax cut too.

In other news, I am in my last couple days of getting ready for my trip (even though I first leave after new year’s). Just hope that everything goes well at the consulate tomorrow. Luckily the visa is free of charge.

Sorry, I do not have more to rant about today since it have been a fairly easy day for me. My debate buddies are busy and I have only been thinking about sleep today, so maybe no philosophy today, unless I can start up a chain of thoughts about sleep. Such as why do we have the need for sleep in the first place? That is more of a biological question that I am not fully educated about. I would rather talk about dreams but maybe tomorrow.

If you got questions or ideas, you are welcome to throw them into the comment section.


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